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Fatih Sevimlikurt was born in Istanbul. He studied engineering in undergraduate education and continued VCD at Bilgi University with a scholarship in master's degree. After working on different projects in digital agencies under the creative director title, he continued to work in his own studio. He worked with many global and local brands on corporate identity, UI/UX, exhibition design.

With addition to his design works, he studied sound theory, harmony and jazz education from various artists in order to further his music productions which he started by playing the guitar at an early age. After studying music production at MMA, he joined Film Scoring online program at Berklee College of Music. He decided to publish his musics at the beginning of 2020 and joined digital platforms with his singles "Altbir, A7, Us". Since 2017, Sevimlikurt has been continuing audio-visual projects, digital art and music productions under his digital agency ArsSonic which he is the founder and takes part in local and global exhibitions with his art



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